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Wooden Flooring

Get The Latest Wooden Flooring Dubai For Your Place

KLG can visually transform your room and bring a natural warmth and character to your living space like no other type of floor. These are also environmentally friendly (hardwood flooring is a natural and renewable resource) and extremely hard-wearing. Regular floors can’t beat the natural beauty of real wooden floors. Wooden floors not only increase the beauty of your place but also enhance the property value. Our wood flooring in Dubai comes in an extraordinary versatility of looks and finishes, all made from the best quality and aged oaks. If you’re looking for top flooring services, Carpet Dubai is one of the best flooring companies in Dubai.
We thoroughly clean and prime the floor before applying the polish. The wood floor polish is then applied on a clean floor with precision and technique by our team to make it last longer. The effectiveness of our wooden floor polish Process gives us an edge over the other wooden polishing companies in Dubai.

Services We Offer


If you are a homeowner who wants a luxurious hardwood look for their home but cannot spend such an excessive amount on flooring, then laminate flooring is your best bet. It is a very economical option when it comes to flooring and is extremely durable. Best Laminate Flooring in Dubai.


Homeowners have chosen hardwood floors as their primary flooring option for years and rightfully so. People consider hardwood floors as a great investment for their homes as it has a lot of benefits. Hardwood floors, wooden furniture and wooden outlooks increase the value of any house.


Carpet flooring is such a versatile option that can help change or uplift any space. A new carpet can feel luxurious and elegant or comfortable and casual. KLG flooring soultions team can help you fit and install a floor carpet in any space you like. KLG recognizes how essential this decision is for its customers therefore it ensures that you get the best quality.


KLG offers engineered wood flooring services for residential and commercial projects. We have a great team of extremely experienced and professional staff for both design and installation. Our team always puts the client first, working in a manner that is convenient and suitable for them.


Parquet is small wood floorboards arranged in an aesthetic geometric pattern. You can customize a wooden patterning on the floor to give it your own unique and attractive touch. KLG can be your one-stop solution to procure, fit and install the best quality parquet wood flooring in affordable rates.


We all want our floors to look pretty while being easy to maintain and light on the pocket. If you demand the same things from your floor, vinyl flooring is the best option for you. It is one of the most affordable options available in the market and KLG offers extremely reasonable and pocket-friendly rates for vinyl flooring.


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Repair and Maintenance

Our team provides you great relief when you are too busy or tired in Daily fixing & Repair works in your home or at your office, Our Professional Handymen are experienced in all kind of Maintenance Works in Dubai

Easily Manage

We are experts and have years of experience in the field to guarantee the best quality Handyman services. If you have just moved to new materials, then we, at KLG Service, are ready to help you 24/7.

Affordable prices

At KLG Technical Services, we pledge to offer you top-notch services at affordable rates. Our team of experts is just a few clicks or a call away. Get in touch now.

Avoid Expensive Repair Work

Home Maintenance problems nearly always worsen over time and the damage that can occur could be devastating. Fixing an issue as soon as it is detected can save you money and prevent unnecessary stress.


Team KLG Services makes sure to provide their services at any time and any day of your preference, allowing you to complete your outdoor tasks without the hassle of staying back home for our team.


Our workers are instated after a series of background check, which involves local authorities. Your safety is a top priority of team KLG.

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